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Complexity is Our Specialty

When you need a collaborative partner to deliver effective and durable resolutions to complex situations, Carl Marks Advisors is the right choice.

With rising interest rates, high inflation and the lingering effects of COVID-19 impacting organizations, it’s more important than ever for companies and their advisors to reevaluate their financial and operational stability. Over the next six months, as businesses confront challenges in adapting to an uncertain economic environment, accurately projecting revenues and managing costs while continuing to serve customers will be critically important. Some may need to consider restructuring their businesses to create sustainable models that position them for success.

At Carl Marks Advisors, we unite operational, transactional, and industry expertise to create effective solutions in even the most challenging situations. From bankruptcies to debt restructurings, credit agreements and loan covenant issues, our executives are hands-on partners who create strategic initiatives that preserve and increase value, no matter how complex the situation facing the business and its lenders.

We enable management teams to focus on running their businesses by bringing a wealth of expertise, operating and financial management experience and ideas. Executives know they can turn to us to improve operations, align costs with revenues, manage cash flow, and uncover liquidity opportunities.

Examples of Our Work

In-Court Restructuring and Sale of a Stationary Gift & Retailer
New Challenges for Healthcare Providers
In-Court & Out of Court Restructuring of Bar and Restaurant Dining Facilities
Supply Chains Unlikely to Stabilize Until First Half of 2024 or Beyond
In-Court Restructuring & Sale of Bedding Products Manufacturer
Pandemic Recovery Presents Challenges and Opportunities for Alternative Lenders

Team Members

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