Carl J. Landeck

Managing Director

Quick Facts

  • Has served more than 10 years as a sitting CFO for several notable publicly held and private equity owned middle-market, multi-location retail and service companies.
  • Extensive financial and operational background, specializing in transforming established, complex organizations and leading the post-merger integration process, many times involving either in or out of court restructurings.
  • Strong track record of creating and enhancing profitability and shareholder value through designing, developing and directly executing strategic/operating business plans and related processes.

In his 35-year career as CFO of middle-market, multi-location retail and service companies, and as financial advisor, Mr. Landeck has participated in turnarounds, acquisitions, divestitures, capital raises, and both in and out of court restructurings.  As a results-driven financial professional with an operational focus, Mr. Landeck has exhibited leadership in all financial advisory and transactional functions that make him a valuable partner for both companies and lenders/investors.

Most recently, Mr. Landeck served as Financial Advisor to a large regional ambulance transportation company, responsible for helping maintain day-to-day liquidity, overseeing the revenue cycle process and managing information flows to key stakeholders. He also has served as Financial Advisor to both Monitor Company Group and Lenox Group, where he was responsible for all pre-filing preparations (including strategic planning and forecasting) and post-filing administration through successful 363 Sale closings and subsequent estate wind downs.

As CFO of Bally Total Fitness, Mr. Landeck was responsible for designing, developing and implementing a strategic-focused, activity-based business planning process that enabled the company to establish and document agreed upon goals, accurately forecast financial impacts and monitor success. As CFO of Levitz Home Furnishings, he helped complete the merger and integration of Levitz and Seaman’s Furniture operations by consolidating multiple warehouses into a new centralized delivery operation utilizing RFID and just-in-time inventory processes, eliminating nearly all inventory shrinkage, and growing EBITDA from under $5 million to over $40 million in less than three years.

Mr. Landeck earned a BS in Accounting from Pennsylvania State University and is a Certified Public Accountant.

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