Carl Marks Advisors knows how to help retailers weather their most difficult periods, emerge stronger and exceed their goals.

The impact of AI on consumer behavior, and more broadly on the entire retail sector, will have profound short and long-term consequences for the entire industry. AI will offer both practical and strategic challenges, and how individual organizations respond to these “opportunities” will ultimately distinguish between the winners and losers. Success will be enhanced through value-added strategic partnerships/mergers, the use of outsourced specialists, a focus on core competencies/expertise and an organizational culture that is willing to embrace the “change constant” that will be driven by new and emerging technologies. Industry leaders are demonstrating a fearlessness toward “right sizing” the organizational structure, reassessing unproductive business practices, removing unprofitable and non-core businesses, reducing debt and making necessary people changes in a merciless pursuit of improving profitability.

Carl Marks Advisors is adept at addressing the challenges faced by companies struggling to manage these challenges. Drawing upon our deep industry expertise, our experienced professionals work collaboratively with management to deliver tailored solutions that drive growth, operational efficiencies, strategic insights and customer retention across the end-to-end value chain.

Examples of Our Work


Lender Advisor
Paper Source
In-Court Restructuring and Sale of a Stationary Gift & Retailer
Financial Advisor
Interim Management
Hollander Sleep Products, LLC
In-Court Restructuring & Sale of Bedding Products Manufacturer

Select Team Members

Marc Pfefferle

Marc has more than 30 years of increasing enterprise value through strategic repositioning, business portfolio adjustment, and revenue enhancement.

Howard Meitiner

Managing Director
Howard has more than 40 years of experience providing strategic planning and interim management services.

Matthew Dowell

Vice President
Matthew has over six years of with financial analysis, credit agreement analysis, and transaction strategies.

If you’d like to learn more about our team’s experience and expertise working with retail companies, please call or email us.

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