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With proven experience guiding midmarket retail enterprises across the country, Carl Marks Advisors knows how to help retailers weather their most difficult periods, emerge stronger and exceed their goals.

Over the past decade, retail has experienced more disruption than perhaps any other industry, as the explosion of e-commerce shopping and the Amazon effect, shifts in consumer behavior and expectations, and new technologies have left retailers struggling to adapt quickly enough and maintain market share. COVID-19 has only accelerated these changes, leaving many to wonder what the future of the sector is and whether anyone will recognize it once the dust settles.

For retailers, succeeding amongst the myriad changes means evolving to meet the new landscape and dynamics of the industry, and it often requires outside advisors to help.

Carl Marks Advisors has deep experience working in the retail sector, helping companies capitalize on their strengths and execute strategic plans to innovate, adapt, and overcome these challenges. We understand how to create value for companies and their key constituents, and our retail experts bring a wealth of experience working with management teams to improve revenue, reduce costs, enhance cash flows and create effective marketing programs.

Examples of Our Work

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