Manufacturing in America has declined precipitously over the past decades, due primarily to outsourcing and competition from abroad, technological advances in manufacturing and supply chain processes, commodity costs, and tariff revisions.

Manufacturing in America is transforming, as digital technology reinvents supply chains and creates new growth opportunities. At the same time, challenges continue with shifts in the economic environment and changing regulations.

Carl Marks Advisors helps clients navigate their way toward increased growth and profitability. Our client services teams identify complex financial and operational challenges, re-engineer processes, provide interim management support, and create practical solutions that drive efficiency and minimize disruption.

Examples of Our Work


Chief Restructuring Officer

Mount Vernon Mills

Lender Advisor

Corsicana Mattress Company

Company Advisor


Select Team Members

Marc Pfefferle

Marc has more than 30 years of increasing enterprise value through strategic repositioning, business portfolio adjustment, and revenue enhancement.

Keith Daniels

Keith optimizes stakeholder value by providing comprehensive industry, operations and transaction expertise.

Peter Keogh

Peter is an accomplished senior executive with over 30 years of successful leadership experience.

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