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While the grocery industry benefited from the pandemic, it still has challenges.

2023 promises to be another turbulent year for the food industry, with the highest food price inflation in decades. While prices slowly drop, many consumers remain financially stressed after months of paying more for higher-priced groceries and other goods. Grocers and food retailers must take concrete action to provide customers with value by holding down prices and making e-commerce options like pickup and delivery faster, more efficient, and overall better experiences.

Carl Marks Advisors has deep subject matter expertise and credibility in the grocery industry. Our team understands the changing dynamics and regulatory framework and how to swiftly and effectively maximize profitability through improved operating procedures, an acquisition, capital raise or divestiture. We have worked with owners, senior management, lenders and other parties to help identify strategic opportunities to reduce costs, maximize value, and explore the potential for mergers and acquisitions.

Examples of Our Work


Select Team Members

Keith Daniels

Managing Partner
Keith optimizes stakeholder value by providing comprehensive industry, operations and transaction expertise.

Peter Keogh

Managing Director
Peter is an accomplished senior executive with over 30 years of successful leadership experience.

To learn more about our team’s experience and expertise in helping companies impacted by grocery industry issues, please call or email us.

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