Organogenesis, Inc.



Financial Advisor
Organogenesis, Inc. engages in the development and manufacture of biotechnology and medical devices containing living cells, or natural connective tissue. Its primary business technology is in the culturing and growing of human skin, generally derived from foreskin, for use in grafts for diabetic leg and foot ulcers.

CMA was engaged as exclusive financial advisor to Organogenesis, Inc. in connection with its Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. 

CMA was tasked with leading negotiations with creditor and supplier constituencies, as well as providing various other services to the debtor, including valuation and assistance in the development of a plan of reorganization.

Engagement Highlights

  • CMA provided a valuation of the company and its IP as the basis for the proposed plan of reorganization, which facilitated the company’s successful exit from bankruptcy.
  • Assisted the company in negotiating sales and marketing agreements with numerous third parties, as the company ceased its relationship with Novartis and emerged as an independent company.
  • In performing a valuation of the company and structuring the Plan of Reorganization, the value of Organogenesis’ intellectual property was critical.  This IP formed the basis of projecting future cash flow streams that the company should be able to access.
  • Testified in connection with the Plan of Reorganization and, ultimately, structured a consensual settlement with the creditors committee.

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