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Irvine, CA

International Vitamin Corporation (“IVC”) is a manufacturer of dietary supplements for some of the leading retailers in the US; as well as nutritional, prescription, and OTC products for contract customers throughout the world.

The Company had seen an increase in customer demand as a result of COVID, however, the prolonged impact of COVID had a negative impact on the company’s supply chain – driving up material, freight and labor costs.  The increased costs, and shortage of supplies, challenged the Company’s ability to meet customer orders which hurt both liquidity and operating performance.  As a result, the Company was in technical default of its credit agreement and needed to hire a financial advisor.

Key Challenges
COVID-19 related supply chain issues
Management turnover
Operational underperformance

Engagement Highlights

  • Develop a liquidity forecasting process, which included a weekly presentation to the Company’s Senior Lenders.
  • Review / assess / risk-adjust the Company’s strategic plan.
    • Identify key risks and opportunities to the Company’s budget and longer-term strategic plan.
    • Based on the analysis of the risks and opportunities, CMA developed a “risk-adjusted” budget that was critical for the Company and its lenders in setting achievable covenants.
  • Support management and the employee base broadly through several SLT (“Senior Leadership Team”) transitions to retain key staff through the operational turnaround.
  • Evaluate the Company’s operational efficiency and identify and implement performance enhancement techniques.
    • Due in part to COVID related supply chain issues, but also operational shortfalls, the Company’s operational effectiveness was well below effective levels.
    • CMA assisted the Company in addressing manufacturing line short falls and sourcing issues.

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