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Chicago, IL

US based provider of digital and print media publications, industry events and proprietary research – with a focus on healthcare/pharma, retail and hospitality.

EnsembleIQ (“EIQ”) struggled financially as its print-oriented business transitioned to a mix of print, digital, live events and primary research. The Company, a roll-up of three stand-alone businesses, operated duplicative and under-performing publications and struggled with multiple ERP systems left behind from historical acquisitions.

Key Challenges
Shifting Industry Trends: Print to Digital
Post-Acquisition Integration
Brand / Publication Profitability
Management Turnover
Cash Flow Management
Breach of Lender Covenants

Engagement Highlights

The Company implemented a turnaround plan that consisted of the following:

  • Overhaul of the executive management team, adding experience and aligning focus across the business units
    • Developed reports to assist management in tracking performance
    • Instituted cost controls and a focus on meeting KPI expectations
  • Reviewed underperforming publications for profitability improvement opportunities
    • Consolidated duplicative publications and adjusted pricing / go-to-market strategy where necessary
  • Invested in a scalable digital platform and the Company’s primary research offering
    • Realigned the existing sales force to focus on these platforms
  • Integrated the back-office: consolidated facilities and ERP systems

CMA served as Lender Advisor, providing recommendations and evaluating the viability of the Company’s business plan, financial forecast and the cash management processes

  • Provided comfort to the senior lender and assisted in the finalization of an amendment agreement

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