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Jacksonville, FL

Provides logistic and hauling services to automotive customers in markets in Florida and the Southeast. Centurion is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida and operates processing and servicing locations in Miami, Florida; Commerce, Georgia; Vance, Alabama; Petersburg, Virginia; and Brunswick, Georgia.

CMA professionals were retained by the Centurion Auto Logistics to provide financial and consulting services, including a review of the Company’s business plan, financial projections and future liquidity, in order to determine its ability to repay its outstanding indebtedness, in light of a severe drop in the Company’s volume of business.

Key Challenges
Complex Operating Structure
Sales Volume Declines
Commodity Price Variability

Engagement Highlights

  • CMA conducted its review of the Company, which included interviews with key management personnel and the review of a variety of documents provided by the Company; these included the projected plan, 13-week cash flow, prior year’s audits, loan documents, shareholder distributions, as well as cost reduction actions taken by management and reflected in the Plan.
  • CMA analyzed revenue and profit performance by location and customer segment, compared to equipment allocations and utilizations.
  • Fuel rates used in the revenue calculation of surcharges and fuel expense were updated to a rate consistent with current view and confirmed as reasonable when traced to the DOE historical view of Diesel pricing.

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