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Convenience Store Industry

The convenience store industry has witnessed significant consolidation in recent years.

Mergers and acquisitions are being driven by the desire to gain a competitive advantage, improve operational efficiency, and achieve cost savings through economies of scale. Consolidation has allowed convenience store chains and suppliers to diversify offerings, enter new geographic markets, and leverage synergies between different store formats.

Jon has more than 14 years of capital markets investment banking experience, specializing in merger and acquisition transactions, capital raising, strategic planning, and valuations.

The growing interest in owning convenience stores and their suppliers/vendors is due to several reasons:

Convenience stores can be profitable businesses, offering a steady stream of revenue; they tend to have consistent consumer demand due to their convenient locations, extended operating hours, and the ability to cater to immediate consumer needs; and there are opportunities for growth through expanding the store network, introducing new product offerings, embracing digital technologies, and adapting to changing consumer preferences.

Carl Marks Securities LLC recently ran the sale process of Colonial Distributing, Inc., a leading distributor supplying convenience stores across Florida in its sale to National Convenience Distributors, a major East Coast C-store warehouse and distribution network serving customers from Maine to Virginia. Our experience with many interested investors was highly positive and informative. We attracted the attention of numerous strategic and financial buyers who recognized the potential of the convenience store industry and the value of Colonial’s business model.

“Working with the Carl Marks team brought us insights we might not have considered. The Carl Marks team showed us how to increase our sales and provide multiple ways for our customers to do business with us. They also understood that our relationships with our retailers are paramount and that any company we merged into had to align with our culture built on strong customer service.”
Yasin Saad
Founder of Colonial Distributors

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