What’s Next for Family-Owned Businesses?

March 23, 2017
| Articles

As Q1 2017 comes to a close, it remains to be seen what impact the new administration (and related changes to regulations and other potential initiatives) will have on the business community, including the many smaller and family-owned businesses that make up the fabric of the US business landscape. Is this a time to revisit strategic decisions around scaling businesses, including investing in new technology? And how might new regulations impact the industries they operate in?

Carl Marks Advisors has decades of experience advising private, mid-sized and family-owned businesses on solutions for future growth – whether through mergers and acquisitions, sales or organically. Take Tribeca Oven, a small, family owned bakery, for example. Our team helped Tribeca Oven’s owners successfully sell their business while retaining a vested interest post-closing – ensuring both liquidity and upside in the sale.

To learn more about Carl Marks Advisors’ experience with family businesses click here.


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