Career Profile: Marye Moran

By June 27, 2019July 15th, 2019Articles, Careers

Can you tell us a bit about what you do at Carl Marks Advisors?

I’m a restructuring associate, and work on both consulting and investment banking engagements. On a consulting deal, I am involved in the development of operational and financial improvements. Since every distressed company is unique, sometimes I’m doing a cash flow analysis and other days it’s a process improvement plan. Often those clients also need a balance sheet solution, so I partner with our investment banking team to refinance their capital structures or raise new funding.

You were an associate at a large firm previously; how is your experience at CMA different than the one you had there?

Both provide strong opportunities. I was able to get my feet wet at a large firm in a way that made me excited about the future of restructuring, but I knew that I’d have to slowly climb the ranks in a large office. Since pushing myself to grow quickly is a priority for me, I decided to switch to a mid-sized firm, and Carl Marks Advisors has been amazing. I’ve still been able to work on large, complex transactions, but I’ve been able to play a more meaningful role. The management team keeps tabs on the type of work that I do and where I’d like to grow more and then assigns me based on that, so I know I’m an important member of the team even though I’m junior.

What do you wish you could tell yourself when you were graduating from college?

When I was in school, I had no idea of the opportunities that existed in the middle market – I just gravitated toward big names. Today I know that things like team size and company culture are equally important. Carl Marks Advisors has pushed me out of my comfort zone a bit, and that responsibility has helped me grow in ways I didn’t know would be possible when I was just out of college. Today, I can see my career going in several directions, and that’s thanks to the variety of work I’ve been able to do here.

There’s a lot of buzz about building the careers of women in the industry. What do you see as the future for women in restructuring?

I certainly heard horror stories about the “Boys Club” culture of finance before I joined, but I’ve been lucky to work around amazing people who champion quality work over any personal attribute. Of course, I’d love to see more women in leadership positions in the industry, and to that end, I’m excited to be on track to be one of those role models for future women.

Have to end on a fun one: sports team loyalty?

This one doesn’t make me too popular at company outings to Yankee Stadium, but I’m one of the only Red Sox fans from New York.